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NumPy is the library to have if you want advanced calculations in Python
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NumPy for Python is an extension package for Python programing language. The objective of NumPy is to allow large and complex scientific and mathematic functions. Originally created by Jim Hugunin, now NumPy is supported by a large number of contributors, due to its open source license.

Since Python is not a compiled, but interpreted language, mathematical functions are slow in performance, but NumPy allows large array objects, necessary to make large calculations or to speed up some mathematical functions. It also includes several linear algebra functions, among others, that make this free program a great alternative for expensive mathematical programs. Compared to these programs, NumPy is slightly more complicated, as it works as an extension of Python and has nearly no graphical support.

The NumPy community is large, and it is quite easy to find support if you need help. There is a large amount of guides and tutorials on the Internet. NumPy is one of the essential packages you must have if you are programming in Python.

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  • Advanced Mathematics and Scientific calculations available
  • Lots of tutorials available


  • Slow updates
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